My new school (by Claudia)

Primarschule Tonhalle
A few days ago I went to look at my new school in Switzerland.  While I was there I met my new classmates.  There are eight girls (including me) and two boys.  My teacher is helpful and she gave me two German books – one for writing in and one for reading. She gave my parents a CD to listen to.  The children in my class all help each other and are all great at speaking German.  The kids don’t bring in water bottles like I did in Australia – instead they bring in empty cups and when they wanted a drink they would go to the teacher and ask for a drink of water. This is a bit weird for me because I’m used to bringing in a water bottle.  I was nervous at first and didn’t know anyone but I’m sure I’ll find a friend soon.  You know sometimes it’s hard being the new kid in town and at school and everything.

Wondering where the snow is – alas there’s been a heat-wave two days.  Only two days before I got here white as white can be! Super disapointing for a kid who was looking forward to some snow and when we got here there was not even enough to make a snowman.  Instead I made a small igloo.


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