Merry Christmas x


This is our first real Christmas tree.  Many people here follow tradition and decorate the tree on Christmas Eve which is also the day they celebrate Christmas.  (We couldn’t wait….).


Claudia picked the tree and proudly carried it home.  We plan on keeping it up for as long as the tree looks good!

DSC_0153  DSC_0152DSC_0148

On the 6th December is the Festival of Saint Nicholas.  On this day, Sami Chlaus and his helper Schmutzli walk through the town handing out small bags of treats to the children – they usually contain a mandarine, some nuts, sweets and gingerbread.

DSC_0136We arrived after this date so my mother-in-law made us some of these.  She also made us a beautiful Weihnachten candle.

DSC_0121Tonight we will go to celebrate Christmas with the family.  Merry Christmas to everyone from us x


2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas x

  1. Merry Christmas!!! Hope you enjoy your first Christmas in Switzerland and by some miracle you get enough snow for Claudia to build a snowman. As always at this time of year it’s hot and very humid here. Wishing you a fun time with family.
    Love the Davis Family xx

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