Dogs in department stores

Call me old fashioned but what the?  I have seen with my very own eyes a well-dressed elderly lady swishing around a department store with a very large Rottweiler by her side.  Right near the breakable Christmas trinkets!  We are not talking a tiny handbag dog but more of a small horse really.

DSC_0173And there have been others.  We sat in a restaurant after sledding the other day and there were two Rottweilers in there – one sat under the table while the other leapt around in the air in an effort to establish itself as the alpha male (I imagine).  There was a fair bit of growling going on but no-one seemed to bat an eyelash except for us.  Well ok, I may have feared it would eat some of our pommes frites which were soooooo good after the freezing air outside.


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