Cars, cobblestones and chalets

DSC_0105I drove here for the first time on the weekend (the blue Renault not the tank in the background).  It might look small but when you are driving on the wrong side of the road, sitting on the wrong side of the car, and grappling with your indicators and windscreen wipers  it feels like a tank.  All in all it went pretty well.  I didn’t crash even when I reverse parked into our tiny parking space.  And no-one beeped at the foreigner.

219We walked into town on the weekend thinking the Saturday market would be on but apparently it was closed so they could prepare for the big Silvester (New Year) parade.  I have not colour adjusted this photo – the sky was incredible.  It is apparently the middle of winter.



The archway in the photo leads into the old town.  The second photo shows the arch from the other side.




Such a pretty place with its old buildings and cobblestone streets.  I love walking around taking in all that history.

220The walk home later that day.  In the background is the Churfirsten mountain range.

The big news of the weekend, however, is that we have booked our first week away.  We are going to Montafon in Austria (a two hour drive from here) for a ski holiday at the end of January.   Happy dance.



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