Das Kochbuch

DSC_0036I have a couple of cookbooks (both in German) given to us by our Swiss family.  The title of this book (which are Swiss words) means “from the kitchen cupboard”.  I set myself a challenge while I am here to cook one recipe from this book each week.  Not only do I have to try and translate the ingredients and directions but I am also using some ingredients that are unfamiliar so it is a little time-consuming (but great for improving my German.)

Quark is one such ingredient.  It is used in everything from cakes to oven bakes and is a soft fresh cheese.  It looks and tastes like a cross between sour cream, plain yoghurt, and possibly cream cheese.  It is apparently very healthy and relatively low in fat but finding it was harder than I thought it would be.  The dairy/cheese section of a Swiss supermarket needs a GPS all of its own.  Who knew there were so many varieties?  I bravely asked a shop assistant “Wo finde ich Quark?” and then she rattled off a list of the types of Quark.  Really?  There’s more than one type?  Which one to choose???  And why can’t she just point instead of leaving me to translate what she just said…..



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