The long walk


I took Claudia to school for her first day and then set off for the first time without my sidekick.  It was a happy/sad feeling – I have gotten used to a voice beside me at the supermarket saying “I’ve got a franc for the trolley” but I am happy that she has the chance to make some friends here now.

On the other side of the old town is a lake.  It had a melancholy feeling about it today – there was a lot of mist around and very few sounds other than the birds squawking every now and then.

DSC_0087I have seen these little bird boxes on a couple of lakes but this is the first time I have seen them with a cage over the top.  I imagine it is there so that only the waterbirds can use them and for protection perhaps.

DSC_0086I walked around the lake for quite some time pondering the many changes we are experiencing.  I feel healthy and energetic from all the incidental exercise, and excited about everything ahead of us.DSC_0081DSC_0088DSC_0084

The old town sits high above the lake and there is apparently a set of stairs you can walk up that will take you into the old town.  Some of these houses date back further than the 1600’s.

After walking for a few hours I met Claudia back at school.  And how did her first day go?  She came out with a smile on her face.



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