DSC_0097The Swiss take recycling very seriously. There are very specific procedures to be followed and the majority do because rubbish is paid for per bag here. Rubbish bags are bought in rolls at the supermarket. The most common ones are 17 litre (1 franc) or 35 litre (2 francs). That is equivalent to $1 or $2 (AUD) per bag of rubbish.


Paper and cardboard is collected monthly and is tied up in neat separate bundles (or it won’t be picked up).


Glass and tin go to the large bins dotted around town – and are separated into clear, green and brown glass. You can only go during the week as we found out when we were there on a weekend trying to drop bottles noiselessly into a large metal container………   Oh, see that tin with the very jagged top – opened with a Swiss army knife (yes I have one and I’m not afraid to use it!).


At the front of many supermarkets are also bins where you can take your PET bottles, batteries, and aluminium cans.

There are green waste bins also (we have one near our apartment).

We have always been pretty good recyclers but I have to say we are even more conscious of it now. Paying for those bags really makes you think hard about what you put in them and what you buy.

I can usually be seen once a week making the trek into town with a bag of PET bottles clanking beside me….. funny though that I never seem to see anyone else doing it……


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