The stairs to the lake

DSC_0104I found the stairs that lead from the old town down to the lake.

DSC_0105It has been snowing for the last few days and I am completely besotted with snow.  I love walking in it as it falls lightly all around me.  I love seeing it resting on trees and rooftops and  how it makes everything look beautiful and dreamy.

DSC_0106It is a beautiful day with a clear sky that makes you feel like walking.  Mostly I am warm except for my face which is a permanent shade of pink from the cold air.

DSC_0110The first time I saw this sign I translated it to mean “difficult stairs” (schwer = difficult, treppe = stairs).  Google translate tells me it means “sword stairs”.  I will try to find out why…

DSC_0111The stairs go up to a tunnel that leads out into the old town right next to the Rathaus (town hall).  I have been in there a few times to organise identity cards and school.  Everything is done through the council and would be extremely confusing if I didn’t have a native speaker with me!

DSC_0113I decided to walk along the lake back into town.  So pretty…

DSC_0116I was surprised to see so many ducks out for the day.  Half of the lake has an icy coat on it but apparently ducks are fond of a bit of slip and slide.  They were quite amusing to watch.


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