Helmet heads


Our free time at the moment is filled with preparing for our ski trip to Austria this weekend.  We have borrowed what we could, hired what we couldn’t borrow, and bought a few bits that were needed.

DSC_0124The excitement at having a decent snowfall last night made the walk to school so lovely.  Soft squishy snow under our feet, and a deep blue sky.

DSC_0120We are walking on the high road now because the farmer sprayed his field and it is not pleasant…… The town bells ring quarter hourly as well as announcing the hour.  I have come to love this sound as we get closer to school because I know we are not late.  They are very loud and can be heard even from our apartment.

DSC_0123By the time I am on my way home the sky is clouding over already.  It looks like more snow is coming.

DSC_0126These are the hairy stairs – our apartment block is set into a hill and these run alongside (down to the field, or up to the high road).  They are steep and slippery when they are covered in a light frost but do more for your legs than any gym!



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