What has changed in a month?


  1. I am using Swiss coins recklessly instead of always handing over a note.  The shop assistant can be seen sweating while I tirelessly count out those rappen.
  2. I will unapologetically speak butchered German to anyone and everyone who will listen.  Old ladies on buses are not immune to my relentless search for a chat.
  3. I have worked out the minimum clothing rule.  When we first got here we would pile on jumpers, coats, scarves, gloves, beanies, and walk into town.  By the time we got there we would be so over-heated that we would be peeling them all off and then have to do the clothes on/clothes off dance at each store.  Gloves are not for shopping – that’s what pockets are for.  Scarves are also not for shopping – that’s why coats have high collars.  Beanies are good for bad hair days but should not be worn unless you are prepared to keep them on at all times.  Most coats have a hood – use that.
  4. I will go out in any weather.  Coming from Brisbane’s usually glorious weather has clearly made me soft (in light of the current heatwave there I say ‘usual’).  A little bit of rain and I would want to stay home.  Rain, hail, blizzard, we are out there.  Walking.
  5. I walk everywhere because I have to and it is making me feel younger.  (I only have access to a car on the weekend).    30km of walking per week has given me sore legs but it is getting better.  I don’t think twice about it now – I just get going.  Like we did when we were kids.
  6. Ditto going up and down stairs – even though I don’t have to (we have a lift in our apartment building).  I choose the stairs because I am happy to have enough strength in my legs to do them.
  7. Fondue is not a kitsch 70’s party trick.  It is the national food here.  (Actually this is not new information to me but just putting it out there).  It can’t be good for you dipping cubes of crusty bread into a pot of hot gooey cheese but I am doing it anyway.  It is yummy and I feel no guilt.
  8. No-one laughs at my jokes.  No-one gets them.  My dear husband said the same thing for him.  Ha, and he is Swiss (clearly he thinks like an Aussie now).
  9. I have stopped staring in horror when I see five year old children crossing busy roads by themselves.  (That is not entirely true – a small part of me wants to run out onto the road and halt the traffic for them).
  10. I know the shortcuts through the old town.  Yes, I found the secret stairs.  (Apparently they are only secret if you don’t know where to look).

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