I know, I should be too old to snicker.  I don’t care.  I still think ‘gute Fahrt’ looks hilarious on a billboard.  Actually it means ‘have a good trip’ and I am laughing as I type this.  And I will probably laugh the next time I see it.

DSC_0151We headed to the Montafon Valley in Austria on the weekend for our ski holiday while all the tourist buses were heading to Innsbruck – more room for us on the slopes I say!  It was a ridiculously easy drive and took us only an hour and a half.  I took these photos while we were driving so excuse the quality of them.

DSC_0156We are staying in Tschagguns and the village was decorated ready for Carnival on Sunday.   Carnival or Karneval or Fastnacht {as it is known in Switzerland} is a time of celebration in Europe.  Many towns have colourful costume parades and parties abound.  The origin of it is thought to come from a last feast or party before 40 days of fasting {for Lent} begins.  Fastnacht in our town will be celebrated in February.

DSC_0158We arrived at our accommodation to find a bottle of champagne waiting for us.  It wasn’t chilled so we popped it in the European fridge.


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