Sledding and a gross schnitzel

IMGP0030We were unable to organise ski lessons for today so headed to Silvretta to go sledding.  There are really cool sled trails there.  You take the gondola to the top of the mountain and sled down a 5km trail.  It can be pretty hairy until you get the hang of steering because the sleds hurl along at a fast pace once you get going.  We all managed to stay on the trail and I think I have discovered my inner speed demon.  These sleds are heavy and steered with the poles at the front or with your feet if all else fails.  If you have never sledded on a proper trail I highly recommend it – it is a lot of fun.  A Spanish man at the end of the race {I mean trail} declared me Women’s World Speed Champion.  I blush!

IMGP0031Do I need to say any more?   Actually I don’t think I really captured the sheer size of it.   We ordered a Wiener schnitzel for lunch {as you do after a morning of racing} and this came out.  ‘Gross’ is the German word for large.  Large apparently means the size of the plate not an adult serve.  A man seated at a nearby table asked me if he could take a photo of it.  True story.


4 thoughts on “Sledding and a gross schnitzel

      • Well, I actually lived in Feldkirch, which I think is about an hour away from Silvretta. I’m not sure how far you would want to travel. There isn’t really a great deal to see in Feldkirch either. There is a castle with a museum (which I never went in) and a restaurant that sells giant Schnitzel, even bigger than the one in your photo.

        I was there as a language assistant though, and to be honest we spent more time in bars than anything else.

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