Two down, one standing

DSC_0159The last couple of days we have been battling poor visibility and snowflakes the size of saucers.  But today this…. hello gorgeous blue sky!

DSC_0161The gondola ride was beautiful today.  You can see the dam that is part of a massive hydroelectric power station.

DSC_0174One of us skied beautifully…..

DSC_0182One of us had a strained neck after a spectacular crash yesterday and took photos and sipped hot chocolate….

IMGP0056One of us enjoyed ‘Diabolo’ in the glorious sunshine – this is a new black run that skiers like me will never see.

IMGP0052The very same one of us then crashed on another slope and is now wearing a sling I fashioned out of a pair of green stripey thermals…..  oh if only you could see!

DSC_0176But thankfully none of us required this….

DSC_0177And there was more than one emergency chopper landing on the slopes today.  Hope they are ok.


One thought on “Two down, one standing

  1. And to think it wasn’t until you commented ‘…that skiers like me will never see…’ I had visions of you flying down the slopes ;). Don’t despair, I’m sure it’s just a matter of practice, practice, practice! Hope the man is okay!

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