Gliding not falling

IMGP0059We have been for a wander through the neighbouring village of Schruns.  A quaint old town like those found in so many villages in Europe.  No glorious sunshine today.  Delicious fresh-baked brezels.

IMGP0060A museum that looked promising but was closed until 4pm.  Perhaps they wait for the skiers to return from the slopes.


We ended up here.  This circus tent is the local ice-skating rink.  Someone had dreams of pirouettes on thin blades.

IMGP0066From the rink looking out you can see that it is open to the weather.  It was freezing in there.  It took a while for my legs to defrost enough to move but eventually we were gliding around on the ice.  No big falls to report today.  Thank goodness!  And there may have been a pirouette or two.


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