Australia Day but not as we know it

DSC_0184Our winter holiday was over.  We were leaving town on a clear and chilly (-13 deg C) day while it seemed the rest of Europe was trying to get into town.  Cue the weekend skiers whose cars were lined up as far as the eye could see.  The dots in the top of this picture are snowflakes frozen to the windscreen.  I was driving on this fine Australia Day from Austria back to Switzerland.  Yes, the shoulder injury is slightly worse than my neck injury so I just had to be a big girl and drive the car.  The man and the child had to check left and right because I couldn’t actually rotate my head very far but all was well.

DSC_0187These gorgeous little numbers are my Ugg gloves 🙂  Deliciously warm, cute, and flying the flag for the mother country.

When we got home we celebrated Australia Day with a dinner of home-made hamburgers.  I was dreaming of soft buns, juicy meat patties, fried onions, lettuce, cheese, tomato, beetroot, and a swirl of tomato sauce.  Of hot days on sandy beaches and lifesavers in red and yellow caps.  None of the ingredients I had here were the same – the rolls were crustier, the meat finer, the lettuce a type I have never seen in Australia.  Topped with gruyere cheese.  Outside it was snowy and cold.  But the hamburgers were delicious.

The burgers, I think, sum up how I feel about being here.  How I feel about comparing being here and being at home.  It is not better or worse than what I am used to.  Just different.


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