An Australian story


In the big old gum tree in our backyard in Australia there was an ongoing war between a koala we call ‘Cranky Lenny’ and a couple of crows we call ‘Rocky’ and ‘Bullwinkle’.  Many an afternoon was spent sitting on our deck watching a fight ensue between these locals.  The crows would attack Cranky Lenny at every given chance and were sometimes assisted by a team of myna birds.  They would swoop at him from above and below and he would swipe at them to leave him alone.

But just days before we left I witnessed Cranky Lenny and one of the crows sitting next to each other in the tree like a couple of old blokes who had finally decided to lay down their weapons and end the feud.  It’s not the best photo because the tree is quite some distance from our house but I absolutely love that I got to document them like this.

With all the storms and floods in Brisbane at the moment I wonder how our old gum tree is holding up and how our beloved wildlife is faring.

To everyone in Brisbane and Bundaberg we are thinking of you and hoping you are safe.  Look after each other x


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