Behind the church

DSC_0207As quickly as it came, the snow has gone away.  The sky is brilliant blue again and the air is warmer.  Gorgeous weather to go exploring behind the church where there is a forest.

DSC_0200We followed the path down for quite a long way but not as far as the river.  It is so peaceful walking in there.  We are used to the noise of the Australian bush and it is very very quiet in here.

DSC_0201The alps are in the distance and still wear their snowy caps.  If we followed this path to the end we would meet the river and another village.

DSC_0202But instead we followed these steps to see where they led…

DSC_0203……and came upon another church.  The sky was so blue we couldn’t stop looking at it.

DSC_0206We came out behind a school and found a path home.  Such a gorgeous day to go exploring and just enjoy nature.


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