A quiet weekend


My husband grew up in a small village.  There are only about 30 houses there.  One road in and out.  He talks about learning to ski in the backyard on runs they made themselves by compressing snow with their skis.

DSC_0214We went there on the weekend.  They get a lot of snow living in a higher altitude and it didn’t disappoint.  There were snowball fights that ended with grand-father and grand-daughter just grabbing huge chunks of snow and hurling them at each other.  Or dropping them on each others head from above.  A lot of laughter.

DSC_0216A few tiny birds stay for the winter while the rest fly south to warmer climates.

DSC_0222It’s magical all this snow.  White and quiet and beautiful.

DSC_0227It comes and goes so quickly.  On Friday we had blue skies and warm weather.  Not a speck of snow to be seen.  On Saturday it was raining.  By Sunday it was a winter wonderland again.

DSC_0228We are trying to make the most of the snow while it is still here.  Winter will be gone before we know it……


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