The unfathomable coffee shunner

DSC_0263I am a tea drinker.  There, I’ve said it out loud.  Given the English heritage of many Australians it is not really such a surprise.  Except here in Europe.  Everyone.  Drinks.  Coffee.  Just about.  Strong.  Coffee.  One cup of strong coffee and I can feel a buzz in my body that isn’t pleasant.  Don’t get me wrong.  I like coffee.  But definitely on the light side.  With copious amounts of milk.  Espresso schmesso……

DSC_0255So it was lovely that when we had visitors last weekend they brought me some tea.  This isn’t just any old tea.  It is posh tea.  The company that produces this divine organic drink is Swiss.  It comes in flavours with tempting names such as ‘Red Kiss’ and ‘Yellow Wish’.

DSC_0260Each teabag is individually sewn with unbleached cotton.  Oh my……

DSC_0262The smell is just divine 🙂  Happiness in a cup (and yes it does taste better in a china one).


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