Munich (part 2)


Hands down, one of my favourite things in Munich was watching the Eisbar surfing.  It is the maddest thing I have ever seen and absolutely worth the effort to go and see.   They surf on the river at one of the entrances to the English Garden.


It was – 9 degrees C.  We were rugged up with triple layers of clothing, scarves, furry gloves and beanies.  These guys were head to toe in thermal wetsuits and leaping into a freezing river on surfboards .  I could not believe my eyes.  Nor could the rest of the crowd gathered there to watch them.  Apparently they can be seen there all year.

325These guys have amazing skills.  They throw the surfboard onto the wave and jump on.  They take turns and high five each other on the way out.

326Who was the person who thought – “cool man, I might jump in there on my board” ????? (and hopefully not die in the process).





360 degree turns, jumps, no fear…..

340It was hard to stop watching them.


351But the day was getting away from us so we headed into the English Garden.  I have read that it is bigger than Central Park in New York (I can’t compare as I haven’t been there and didn’t see all of this one either).  In winter it was breathtaking.  Such a lovely walk.  See those guys riding towards us?  They have surfboards under their arms….

352We made it as far as the Chinese Tower.  There are four beer gardens in the English Garden and this is one of them.  We were hoping to get to one further in that has a deer park with bambies but it was getting too late.

353Even the carriages were packing up for the day.


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