Munich (the final chapter)

355We stayed in the university district of Munich.  This turned out to be excellent location-wise because it was very close to the English Garden and a quick walk to the underground.  From there we were only two stops from Marienplatz.  The city has a good feel to it and we felt safe walking around all areas at all times of day.

357On our second day we headed back to Marienplatz.  It was a gorgeous day so we were able to take some better photos and the square was a hive of activity as stall holders set up for Carnival.

372We wandered around the city.  It’s a shame the lederhosen shop was closed…


There are bikes everywhere in Munich.  Very few helmets though.


415But today we were headed to the Deutsches Museum.  It had very good reviews and it did not disappoint.  We spent most of our day there and really only scratched the surface of the many exhibits.

390The marine, aircraft and space exhibits were excellent.  Many of the exhibits were interactive so you could climb up into a space shuttle or into an aircraft.

380Or stand in an air traffic control tower.  Interesting for kids but also for adults 🙂

388So much to see…. so little time…

391392Dehydrated cheese sandwich anyone?  They are smaller than a matchbox.


403And from the top of the building we had a magnificent view over the lovely city of Munich.



There was one last thing we wanted to do before we headed back to Switzerland…..

417On the way there we passed the Isar gate.  It is one of the remaining historic gates of the city.


DSC_0424The Hofbrauhaus is the most famous beer garden in Munich.  It is touristy and packed to the brim and noisy and we were so glad we went.  The atmosphere was fantastic and the people-watching even better.  A few Carnival revellers came in dressed up and in a merry mood.  There were quite a few rosy cheeks leaving the beer garden….  I can only imagine how it is in there in summer!!


In the blink of any eye we were back on the road and the Austrian alps were in sight.

Would I recommend Munich?  Absolutely.  We only had a weekend there but we loved it.


2 thoughts on “Munich (the final chapter)

  1. Bergerkerk !!!!! Have just read all of your posts from start to finish. Wonderful, exciting, picturesque and enormously funny reading Jen and Claudie. It sounds to me like you’re having far too good a time and will never return to Oz!
    The photos are so lovely and with the clever narrative, I feel like I’m there with you all. I’m looking forward to the next lot of bloggs. Love to you all. 😀
    Oh and guten fahrten to you too……bah ha ha.

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