What would I?

shippingThis is how we shipped some of our things to Switzerland.  It was the genius design of my clever husband.  The cardboard box has a wooden frame built inside it and is screwed onto a pallet.  We were able to fit 14 boxes inside – some small and some large – but getting them in there was a challenge.  The outer box was heavy so it got put on the back of the truck first.  Then we had to climb up the ladder (and when I say ‘we’ you know it wasn’t actually me :)) and drop the smaller boxes in through the top.  Everything was packed in bubblewrap.  And the entire outer box was wrapped in industrial plastic.  Not a single thing was damaged on the long trip here by sea.  It took almost three months door to door and was shipped from Brisbane to Singapore to Slovenia (via the Suez Canal), and then brought here by truck.

What would I bring again?  Almost everything we packed which was some of Claudia’s toys and books, some boardgames, a box of tools, some kitchenware, some clothes and shoes, a bag of craft stuff, and a few decorative items.  It was great to open the boxes and see some of our own things when everything else was foreign.

I actually brought my sewing machine (and have used it) and a large crockpot.  Crockpots are fantastic for the cold winter here but surprisingly they are not common at all.  All of the electrical items we brought are working with just a simple European adaptor – I had read that people sometimes have problems but so far so good for us.

What do I wish we had brought?  Some tupperware containers.  Some of the spice mixes that I can’t find here.  12 large tins of Milo.  A few friends and family.

Oh, and just for the record, we will definitely be going to Slovenia.



3 thoughts on “What would I?

  1. Hi Jenny

    The girls and I are loving your blog and your photos are awesome. Favourite posting so far is your description of your skiing…had me in stitches. Also loved your ‘Ben’ plant. Glad things are going well. Look forward to your next posting.

    Best wishes
    Donna, Samantha and Emily

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