How much do things cost?


These are a few items I bought today at the supermarket.  The Australian dollar and the Swiss franc are almost 1:1 at the moment.

A loaf of good quality bread (380g) – $2.60.  Worth every cent.  I love the bread here.

Milk (1 litre) – $1.65.

Carton of 6 free-eggs – $3.60.

Potatoes (Amandine) (680g) – $2.90.

Good quality ham (100g) – $3.45.

Cheese (Winzerkaese) (250g) – $4.35.

Ten years ago it was much cheaper to live in Australia but the cost of living has increased phenomenally there.  I am not spending much more on groceries than I did in Australia but we are eating less meat because that is a lot more expensive here.  A couple of other things that are more expensive here are petrol (currently about $1.70/litre) and health insurance (which is compulsory and I can’t even say the amount without crying).  I will never complain about how much I paid for health insurance in Australia ever again.  Cars are cheaper here.  So is wine.  Thankfully.


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