Sledding Preda-Berguen

DSC_0031We drove to Chur (about an hour south-east of us) on the weekend and then caught the Bernina Express to Preda to go sledding.  This is the first carriage we were in on the train and we were having a jolly lovely time in there until we got kicked out.  Apparently we were in the Panorama carriage.  Note the lovely windows that go up to the ceiling and the pleasant surroundings.  Not actually the carriage we were supposed to be in…..

DSC_0034Not before I snapped a quick photo of the Rhine River.

DSC_0038Ahem…. in our real carriage.  Which was still ok but just lacking in that Panorama ambience somehow…..

DSC_0048This is the Landwasser Viaduct which is 65 metres high and 136 metres long.  Very impressive.  Its upcoming arrival is announced on the train in both German and English giving people plenty of time to get a photo.  This railway has been Heritage Listed and the trip to Preda was a really lovely part of our day.

DSC_0054These are the type of sleds we rented.  They are called carving sleds and they are responsible for the increased interest in sledding in Switzerland in the last few years.  These sleds can be steered while you are lying down just by shifting your body weight from side to side and generally go much faster than the more traditional type of sled.   I don’t have any photos of us zooming down the run but can tell you that we clocked 29km/hr (there is a board that tells you when you go past it).

In all honesty it wasn’t the best sled run we have been on.  There were a few slow patches where there wasn’t enough drop to slide and we had to walk.  But there were some fast parts and it was a bit of a novelty sledding on a run that is normally a road and is closed off to be used for sledding in winter.  I think if you have never sledded before it would be good because the run felt much safer than some of the ones we have been on which had a much steeper drop.

DSC_0085Here we are walking back to the train that takes you back up to Preda from Berguen so that you can sled down the 6km road again.DSC_0088The area is very pretty and I will post some photos of Berguen tomorrow.


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