IMGP0081At the end of the sled run you arrive in the village of Berguen.

IMGP0084A lot of these small villages are very casual in the way the roads are used.

IMGP0086One can sled or ski down this street, for example, right to a restaurant.

DSC_0053-001Or the ice bar.

DSC_0060And have a sit on an ice sofa.  A very quick sit.

DSC_0072-001On the way to the Kakadu bar.


One must be careful of tourists running late for their bus, or of cars sliding out of control.  Okay, that may be a fairly loose interpreation of the actual sign.  But still possible 😉

DSC_0073-001Such a sweet door.

DSC_0086But this is something we have not seen anywhere before – outdoor fondue.  A drink is included and it would need to be a schnapps to brave standing outside to eat in these low temperatures!!


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