Ben spent his 18th birthday sitting in a chair having chemotherapy.  He wanted to go out for dinner that night and ordered his favourite meal even though we all knew he wouldn’t be able to eat it.  I’m sure he did it for us.  To make us feel better about how he spent such an important milestone in his life.  He still joked around that day and took it all in his stride as he did with most things in his life.  It would be his last birthday.  Four months later he was gone.  Four years later we still go through the motions of making him a cake and cooking his favourite meal.  Because we wish he was here to celebrate.  Because we miss him so much.  Because we know we are here because he is not.  His passing reminded us that life is short and unpredictable.  And pushed us forward to do the things we always talked about doing.  So here we are.  Halfway around the world.  Love you so much buddy x  Thankyou for everything you taught us.


11 thoughts on “Ben

  1. thinking of you all, send our hugs. good memories give us warm hugs, sometimes a tear in our eye or a smile on our face hope you have more smiles kaye and tess

  2. Thanks Jen, for reminding me how precious life is and to not take things for granted, Ben was always a breath of fresh air and you an inspiration…. Happy Birthday Ben x

  3. I didn’t know Ben, but I wish I did. It sounds like he had a wonderful sense of humour. Some of the stories you’ve told me …………!!!!
    Sending you, Urs and Claudia big squishy hugs. Xxxx

  4. Thanks for the reminder Jen, about how precious our time here is. Ben was a light in our lives and you an inspirational mum x

  5. That’s just lovely Jen xxxx
    I still miss my Ben (my nephew) ……… he was killed by a hit and run motor bike 27 years ago. His mum and I had a lovely day on his 21st birthday last year *reminiscing* He was such a cheeky adorable little boy.
    Your Ben would be so happy that you still celebrate his birthdays, and he would adore his little sister
    xxxx love you all Kathy

  6. Ben was an inspiration to us all and he brought so much joy into all of our lives. He always made me laugh and he now has given you the strength to move forward in your journey. He would be so proud of you all and just know he is watching over you every day. Miss you Ben and happy birthday. Hugs to you Jen, Urs and Claudie… Live life to the fullest!!! Miss you guys. Love Nook xxoo

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