To market, to market


I have desperately been awaiting the start of market season here.  Every Saturday our little town has a farmer’s market in the old town (in Marktgasse or market street) and March sees the first of the stallholders braving the end of winter and setting up stall.  All of the stalls this weekend were fresh food – fruit and vegetables, fresh pasta, and to my delight a stall selling fresh fish (not that easy to get here).

Just as an aside, the large white building in the background is our local library.  It is such a surprise when you walk inside as it is super modern with a glass elevator.  I will take a photo next time I go.

DSC_0112There were of course quite a few cheese stalls and some artisan bread (which is really the norm here anyway – you rarely see sliced bread and it is usually only sold in the supermarket as ‘toast bread’).

DSC_0110What I really loved was that the stallholders gave Claudie a free treat (like an apple) just like you used to get when I was a kid.  Remember the butcher giving kids a cheerio (cocktail sausage for the non-Queenslanders!)?  I love a bit of old-fashioned friendly service.

There should be an increase in the number of stalls as the weather warms up and I read that you can sometimes get delicious products from Greece, Spain and southern France.  A walk to the market is a very nice way to start the weekend.


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