Sparkly nights and days

Yesterday the man was home sick.  While I felt incredibly bad for him, it was good for me because I GOT TO USE THE CAR.  Not that I was really excited about that or anything.  In a nanosecond I was 17 again and enjoying the freedom of having wheels at my disposal.

Ahem, which was good because I needed to get some things to make a cake for Ben.  And then I saw this and it was all over….

DSC_0115It is not a full size cake.  It is actually sitting on a bread and butter plate and was the perfect size for the three of us.  And it is possibly the nicest cake I have ever eaten.  Light as air sponge with fresh cream, juicy raspberries and toasted flaked almonds.  It was heaven.  I should have bought us one each.

DSC_0116I topped it with this…

DSC_0118Which just added to the spectacularness (what? you don’t think that’s a real word?) of the cake.

DSC_0125And then today I saw something sparkly on the snow – the sun was out.

DSC_0121Happy days.  I feel better already.  But now poor Claudie is home sick.  Oh well, we will just have to bask in the sunshine at home.


One thought on “Sparkly nights and days

  1. What an amazing little cake. You’ve made me hungry now. Hope you don’t get sick, and the others get better quickly

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