DSC_0126Please feel free to tell me to stop bragging about the gorgeous weather here.  It is Spring.  The sky is incredibly blue.  The grass is ridiculously green.  We are hearing a lot of birds chirping now.  The kids are all wearing sneakers to school.  They are all a bit more raucous than usual.

DSC_0127I never get sick of looking at the mountains.  So beautiful.  Do the Swiss even realise how picturesque this country is?

DSC_0128We walk past this building every day on our way to school.  This is the view from the high road.  When we used to walk through the forest we could see the back of the building.  It looked like a block of modern apartments.  Until one day I saw one of the curtains open and realised it was something very different….

DSC_0129It is a Spital (pronounced shpitahl).  With an amazing view.

DSC_0129-001Can you see my attempt at photo editing?  It is in fact a hospital.  So tempting to write these letters on the front of the sign 🙂

When I was taking this photo a bus pulled up and the driver stared at me and I smiled  back at him until I realised I was a couple of metres away from the bus stop and he obviously thought I was a tourist (with my big camera in hand) waiting for the bus.  All the passengers on the bus were also staring wondering why I wasn’t moving and why the driver hadn’t opened the doors.

Have a good weekend x


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