Plan B

We walked to the market again this weeked.  It has warmed up quite a lot in a week and there were a few more stalls.

There is something very lovely about buying food at a farmer’s market.  The slowness of wandering around and strolling home again.


After we got home we decided to go to Konstanz to have lunch at the lake.  Konstanz is just across the border in Germany and is only a 1/2 hour drive from here.  A lot of Swiss people go there to do some shopping because it is much cheaper than in Switzerland.  And because a lot of people go there we got stuck in a traffic jam and drove around for ages trying to find a parking space that was remotely near the lake.  Everyone else was doing the same thing.  Parking rage like I have not seen before…..  No thanks.

DSC_0140We have travelled a lot and the biggest lesson we have learned is that things do not always go to plan.  The best thing you can do is quickly come up with a new plan, so we drove back to the Swiss side of the lake (to Altnau) where there was no traffic problem and plenty of room for all.  This photo is taken on the jetty looking back at Altnau.

DSC_0141Directly across the lake is Germany with Konstanz to the left.


Austria is to the right.

DSC_0145It was peaceful here.

DSC_0146And I decided that next time we need to find a boat to get us across the lake.DSC_0147There is always a hotel where you can have a quiet drink to end a day that didn’t go to plan but was nice nevertheless.


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