There was a gourmet food and wine fair in the village of Weinfelden on the weekend.  There with bells on.  Weinfelden is a lovely village which has obviously been well looked after.  There is a good mix of modern shops, restaurants, and well preserved buildings.  The fair was held in a marquee that didn’t look very big from the outside but turned out to be huge once you got in there.

DSC_0150These little balls called ‘Belper Knolle’ are cheese rolled in pepper and spices.  It is shaved into wafers and is absolutely delicious.  So much flavour packed into such a thin slice.  Perfect accompaniment with pasta.  We bought one of these 🙂

DSC_0151So much cheese, so little time….


My girl loves olives and was happy to see these barrels of deliciousness.

DSC_0152Signs of Spring are everywhere.

DSC_0154There were some Australian products.  I tasted some truffles made with Bundaberg rum and they were really good.  I didn’t ask about the ‘Randy Rooster’ 🙂

DSC_0160Wine, wine and more wine.  Balanced out with a lot of bread, cheese and chocolate.  What more do you need in life?

DSC_0162These wines come from the french-speaking part of Switzerland in the areas around Lake Geneva.  Such a gorgeous part of the world.


The fair was a really nice way to spend a Sunday and we drove home past the vineyards with a swag of goodies and full, contented stomachs.


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