Fun gadgets


There is something about a well presented plate of food that brings so much happiness to my soul.  So when I saw this little gadget I had to have one.

Tete de Moine is the name of the cheese in the photo above.  It has been produced in Switzerland for 800 years and is made with fresh mountain milk in the Swiss Jura region in accordance with very strict guidelines.  It has quite a mild taste and is delicious but for me it is the presentation of it that is special.

DSC_0185We bought it at the Weinfelden fair with the ‘girolle’ pictured in the photo.  Traditionally the girolle has a wooden base and a metal scraper.  The name ‘Tete de Moine’ (translation: monk’s head) is believed to have originated because the round scraping of the cheese was reminiscent of the bald patch on a monk’s head!

DSC_0188The cheese must be allowed to come to room temperature and then the ‘arm’ of the girolle is turned in a clockwise direction producing thin slices of cheese that look like a flower.

DSC_0200So pretty.  And for so little effort.  The hardest part was waiting for the cheese to come to room temperature.  It seems a shame to eat it really.



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