What has changed in three months?

DSC_0204Can it really be that we have been here three months already?  The time is flying.

  1. Claudia’s German is improving rapidly.   She is helping me now 🙂 (I did three years of night classes, three years!!!!!).
  2. My German is in a state of stagnation.  I tried to enrol in classes but they were $1600 and my mind calculates everything in travel money… $1600 = one really good holiday, a few really good weekends away, or lots of small getaways or day trips.  I cannot bring myself to spend that much on German lessons.
  3. In Australia, very few people could pronounce Urs’ name correctly and we certainly didn’t know anyone else with the same name.  In Switzerland, when someone calls out ‘Urs’, 16 guys turn around.
  4. Every time I think it is definitely Spring because the sky is blue, the grass is green and the birds are chirping, it snows.
  5. I forgot that I was nervous about driving here and ventured out on my own.  And it was good.
  6. We are being more spontaneous.  Today we bought open train tickets to go away at Easter time.  Destination unknown.
  7. The small shop at the end of our driveway closed.  Claudia and I are still sulking about it.  Why Migrolino??? Why???
  8. The Saturday markets opened for the start of Spring.  Happy days.  Love market day.  Love it.
  9. I still have no friends, although the lady I pass every day on the way to school and I have had a few short conversations.  She thinks Australia is full of dangerous snakes.  A common thought here.  Well it is sort of true.
  10. I have been to the hairdresser.  It took Urs over 20 minutes on the phone to organise an appointment – working out what I wanted done, how much it would cost, how long my hair is, when it would fit in with the short school hours.  There was no way I was going to attempt that in German!

Have a lovely weekend x


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