Travel tips

IMGP0291One of the best ideas I ever had was to take a photo of the road sign for the place we were going to at the start of each trip.  It has been so helpful over the years for organising photos, especially when you have thousands to look through and it is hard to remember where they are all from.

IMGP0296These photos are from a trip to Switzerland in 2011.  We travelled down to Geneva for the first time and stopped at the medieval village of St Prex.  It was a gem of a find.  Situated in between Lausanne and Geneva, the accommodation was much more reasonably priced and it was such an interesting place.

IMGP0305 IMGP0311

IMGP0303It is hard to capture the true beauty of Lake Geneva.  It really is lovely.


I imagine these photos came to mind because we are heading to Lake Geneva at Easter, although will be staying at the opposite end this time.

IMGP0309I was looking out to France on the other side of the lake.

IMGP0313There is something about being near the water that is so incredibly calming and peaceful.

Have a lovely weekend x


4 thoughts on “Travel tips

    • Thanks, I am really missing everyone… I am usually the one taking the photos which is why I am never in them. Must remember to hand over the camera once in a while!

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