Wiler Turm

DSC05115On a hill at the top of our town sits a wooden structure called the Wiler Turm.  You can’t drive up to it but it is only a 10-15 minute walk from the surrounding roads.  The Turm is a tower that provides a fantastic 360 degree view of our town and the surrounding villages.

DSC05105It is 38 metres high and there are 189 steps to climb.

DSC05108 (2)It is well worth the walk to get there.  The view is incredible.

DSC05081This is the view looking out over our town.  You can see the old town in the centre of the picture – it is a row of tall buildings with brown roofs sitting close together.  The Stadtweiher (or lake) is just in front here.  The main town centre starts near the right end of the old town (you can see a tall clock tower there), and we live to the left (just out of view in this photo).

DSC05083There are lots of small villages dotted around the area and from our town you can walk to many of these through a path in the forest or along the river.  We will do this when the weather is a little warmer.


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