A while ago we bought train tickets that allow you to travel anywhere in Switzerland for a whole day, getting on and off the train as much as you like.  One can even travel in Panorama class (the last time we tried that we got evicted!).  The tickets were really good value.  So we got on a train and travelled down the western part of Switzerland (which is predominantly French-speaking).  At Lausanne we changed trains and headed to the Swiss Riveria.

272We got off at Vevey (Voo-vey…. Claudie and I had lots of fun saying Voo-vey.  I have no idea why we thought it was funny but it kept us amused for quite some time…).  Vevey is one of the towns on the Riviera and it rained heavily the whole time we were there so we went to a small cafe and ate and then walked along the promenade.


These two share the same birthday (which was yesterday by the way!).  The statue of Charlie Chaplin is in front of the Alimentarium – a museum dedicated to all things food.  This is also where the giant fork is in Lake Geneva (advertising the museum).

286We (and everyone else in town at the time) headed into the museum to get out of the rain.  It was interesting but pretty expensive considering not all of the floors were open yet.  You can get a Riveria card from your hotel which halves the cost of most museum admission fees and provides you with free transport but we had stopped here on the way to Montreux so didn’t have ours at the time.

295Milo food?  I have no idea if this is the precursor to the Milo that we know and love… and are still craving.

287The rain showed no sign of easing so we decided to move on to Montreux.

300I’m sure all these little towns are full of life in summer, but on our weekend it was very quiet indeed.  Such a pretty little town.


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