318Just outside of Montreux is the medieval castle Chateau de Chillon.  It has existed in some form since the Bronze Age and has undergone many changes in the centuries since.  It is an amazing setting on the bank of Lake Geneva with the Alps in the background.

346This tree in one of the courtyards has been decorated for Easter with egss coloured by visiting children.

353352350Some of the architectural detail was amazing.  The ceiling in this room is actually hand-painted but looked like it was tiled at first.

365This little detail made me laugh out loud.  One of those belly roars that makes everyone within a 1km radius turn around.  None of the other suits of armour we saw had (ahem) crotch protectors.

376I was quite fond of this display of casual chaps too although those weapons are more than a little scary.  Urs tells me they were designed to drag soldiers off their horses (I shudder at the thought).

391It took us a good few hours to see everything in the castle.  Some of the rooms are up extremely steep and narrow stairs and are not for the faint hearted.  Afterwards we walked along the promenade back to Montreux.  We were less than halfway along when I took this picture looking back to the castle.

399393395There are a lot of very expensive houses on the Riviera and some gorgeous old hotels.

400And at the moment there are many displays like this one dotted along the promenade.  They are sculpted out of some kind of fern.  I loved this fox….

403And our Harry Potter fan loved Hagrid and Buckbeak.


2 thoughts on “Montreux

  1. Hi Jen,

    I can’t believe how much Claudia has grown and how much she looks like you. You are all very adventurous. What a wonderful experience. Sandra

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