408We decided on our last day to stay out of the rain and slow travel on the train northeast towards Luzern, Zurich and then home.  The photos aren’t great but show how vastly different it can be in one part of this small country to another.

413Leaving Montreux you can see the hillside vineyards on the right of this photo.  If the weather had been better we would have gone hiking up here.  Next time.

414Straight ahead across the lake is France.  Geneva is to the right.

416As the train wound it’s way up to higher altitudes we saw there is still snow around.  Some areas still have ski lifts going.

417No snow here though.  The roof shapes of the houses vary from region to region.


And then we were suddenly back into heavy snow again.

Spring break starts this weekend and we have a nine day road trip to Italy planned.  I am dreaming of all that delicious seafood I am going to eat down on the coast…..  I had seafood in Montreux and the mussels were without a doubt the best I have ever tasted.  Not big and chewy like the ones we often get in Australia, but small and soft and so flavoursome.   Oh and the caperberries…..

Have a good weekend x


3 thoughts on “Training

  1. I love the photo of the train tracks with the heavy snow! If I win the $30 million powerball tonight I will see you soon

  2. You’re barely into the month of April and having a fantastic time travelling around. Good on you guys. I love your spontaneity :D. Would truly love to be going to Italy with you…..have fun!!!

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