Cinque Terre – Monterosso & Vernazza

DSC_0088I love this photo – it is so Italian.  Bicycle casually thrown on a hedge.  Oh, right where was I?

DSC_0082Monterosso.  The most northern village in Cinque Terre.  It is the most resort-like village and a good spot for families.  We spent quite a while here feeding our craving for the ocean and some beach.  The beach is quite rocky (not soft white sand like we are used to in Australia) but an amazing setting.


DSC_0092Claudia would have happily spent all her time here.

DSC_0102We all climbed to the top of this rock.  Some more (ahem) gracefully than others.

DSC_0103Most people sat on the promenade under stripey umbrellas and ate gelato or drank coffee.  I was inhaling the ocean….


We took the boat from Monterosso to the the next village, Vernazza.


Vernazza was the worst damaged in the 2011 floods.  Some of the photos we saw in a local shop were horrendous.  Down these little alleyways you can buy large slices of pizza that are inexpensive and delicious.


It was such a gorgeous day that most people were sitting on the dock enjoying the sunshine.


And some just couldn’t resist the lure of the rocks.

Part 3 tomorrow…


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