Cinque Terre – Corniligia & Manarola


Taking the boat was so worthwhile not only for the amazing views but to hear the crew calling out the names of the villages with their melodic Italian accents.  It is no secret that I could happily sit and listen to Italian all day.


We only caught glimpses of Corniligia as the boat is not able to stop there.


But we were told by the crew of the boat that it would take 365 steps to get from the beach to the village – one for every day of the year.


Manarola then quickly comes into view.


Getting on and off the boat is also a bit of fun.  The gangplank rolls around while you are walking on it and it feels a little like going across a suspension bridge that is swinging from side to side.


There is a tiny path through and alongside the rocks to negotiate to get to the village.


So many pretty streets to wander around in Manarola.


This street is part of the hiking trail – the red and white stripes point you in the right direction.


A hillside nativity -the figures are huge.


Looking down towards Manarola from a nearby hill.  There were a few daredevils doing cliff jumps from the rocks in the centre of the picture.  One guy had a pair of flesh-coloured swimming trunks on…. so wrong on so many levels.  He was happily parading around in them afterwards.  There is a reason we love boardshorts in Australia!!


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