DSC_0260It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Tuscany without a visit to Pisa to take a cheesy snapshot holding up the Leaning Tower.  At least not if you are nine years old 🙂

DSC_0291We didn’t have a map and our GPS was having a bad day so we used our time-tested method of driving around hoping we were going in the right direction, seeing a sign with a tower on it, and the navigator (that would be me in this case) yelling out “quick, take a right, I think I see something.”  Yes, we live on the edge.  Let’s not even talk about how we managed to find somewhere to park the car.  Trust me, it was nothing short of a miracle.

DSC_0287Pisa is a busy little place, especially near the Leaning Tower.  The line to climb to the top was long.  Very very long.  “Yeah, it looks fine from down here.  Anyone want to wait in line for a few hours?  No?  Good”.

DSC_0299There it is.  The Tower that leans.  Claudia gave us a quick history of it – how does she know this stuff?

DSC_0264Tower straightened by knowledgeable child.  Smart and strong – what a winning combination!

DSC_0286I am not your conventional traveller.  I take photos of other people taking cheesy photos.  Because that is how I see the world.  Because that is how I will remember Pisa.  Hundreds of people standing on posts, or lying on the ground with their feet in the air, or with their arms up (often with a grimace on their face) to get a good shot of them ‘holding up’ the Tower.  So funny.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Happy birthday Robyn, mwah xxx love you xxx


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