What has changed in 4 months?


  1. It is finally really truly Spring.  We came back from our Italian road trip to sunshine and 20 deg C…… big fat happy dance!  And then we woke up to snow on Saturday.  Not in a million years would I have believed it.
  2. My in-laws kindly loaned us a bbq and outdoor setting.  We could not fire up the bbq fast enough.  Another big fat happy dance!
  3. Language status – Claudia is racing along.  I am still in a state of Swinglish (a dodgy mix of Swiss and English).  Half the time I don’t even know I am doing it.  Words from both languages get inserted randomly into sentences and in my mind it makes perfect sense.  Sometimes we switch from one language to the other from sentence to sentence without even realising.  All of us are doing it – I have no idea if this is normal.  Probably not.
  4. We are starting to have trouble spelling in English, especially Claudia because she is using German much more than me.  Sometimes we really have to think about how words are put together in the two languages.
  5. I had this really weird experience where I thought I could understand all the languages I heard around me (German, Italian, Russian and goodness knows what else).  I have no explanation.  I was definitely awake at the time.
  6. I can easily sort out my Swiss francs from my Euros and my rappen from my cents and convert one to the other.  I remember how much trouble I had with money when I first got here!
  7. We have been to the ocean.  It is hard to explain my need to be near the sea.  It is in the very core of my being.  Urs feels the same way about the mountains.
  8. Claudia has made an English-speaking friend.  They were overjoyed to find each other!  I have met her mother.  So I sort of have a friend 🙂
  9. Riding a scooter at the speed of light has become Claudia’s favourite past-time.
  10. Urs has developed a strong fear of being attacked by a tick (what the?) – come on man, we have been living in a country with every dangerous snake and spider known to man for years!  Ha, this came about because he told me he read something recommending people get tick vaccinations – I am just teasing him.

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