Florence part 1

DSC_0352In the middle of Tuscany is a city that is special to us.  Those of you who have known us for a long time know that we met here in Florence.  What were the odds?  We came back to Florence to show our daughter the city where we met and to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary.

DSC_0368It was raining in Florence last time we were here and umbrella sales were flourishing this time too!

DSC_0316The magnificent Santa Maria del Fiore (Our Lady of the Flower) or as it is commonly known Il Duomo.  This is perhaps one of the most recognisable cathedrals in the world.  And in person it is breathtaking.


See the people standing at the top – they deserve a mention because they struggled up 463 steps in a small circular staircase to get there.


We also struggled up the steps and I can vouch that it was hard work.  It is totally possible that I said “are we there yet?” a hundred or so times on the way up.

DSC_0329And then saw this.  Everyone stopped and stared in wonder at the fresco on the ceiling of the duomo.  I studied a bit of art history at school and university so for me there was some background but even without having that it is mindblowing – I can’t think of a better word.  This ceiling is higher than you can imagine and trying to work out the logisitics of how it was physically painted (without even taking into consideration getting the proportion and scale correct) makes you truly appreciate what a masterpiece this is.

DSC_0366The beautiful city of Florence.  I love everything about it.  Ok maybe not the beggers in the piazza (who can apparently afford mobile phones).  The architecture and art are incredible.  The people are welcoming – I am especially thinking of Ryana our vivacious hotel host and Franco the friendly waiter.  The food was simple and delicious….

DSC_0350The scooter filled streets. The colours, the light.

DSC_0357And the crazy photo of us taken by our daughter (she has a lot of me in her :)).  Who would have thought we would be back here with her almost 14 years after we met?  Love those two xx


4 thoughts on “Florence part 1

  1. Have been going through the photos…… again…… of Italy. IL Duomo is absolutely stunning. The exterior of the building is so beautiful up close in one of your photos. How old is this building Jen?
    I have a passion for architecture, especially ancient structures, so these buildings and so many of your other photos really appeal. 😀 I cannot wait to get over to Europe sometime, hopefully in the not too distant future.
    Hugs to all.

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