Florence part 2

DSC_0321The Ponte Vecchio – the most famous of the bridges that goes across the River Arno in Florence.  This Ponte is famous for the cluster of shops that lines the walkway – mainly jewellery and souvenirs.  My travel tip – don’t buy anything here.  You can get everything at a much cheaper price in other parts of Florence.  We stayed in one of the buildings just to the left of the bridge.  It was an excellent location – so close to everything including a tardis-like supermarket that looked tiny from the outside but opened up to a veritable trove of everything you could possibly need for a gourmet picnic.  And at a very good price.


You can get some great photos from Ponte Vecchio but go early in the morning because it quickly fills with swarms of people and stays like that for most of the day and into the evening.

DSC_0308The view from Ponte Vecchio.  If you want to get into the Uffizi Gallery you basically have to camp there overnight.  The line was miles long even early in the morning.  We decided to wander around Florence instead.

DSC_0313We saw a copy of Michelangelo’s famous Statue of David in front of the Palazzo Vecchio.  And a bronze copy at Piazzale Michelangelo – I didn’t get a photo from up there as we stumbled across it by accident when we were driving around lost  looking for our hotel but would highly recommend a visit.  It is situated on a hill with an amazing view of the city.  It would be magical up there at sunset.  The real Statue of David is housed in the Accademia Gallery.

DSC_0314Claudia was quick to recognise this statue of Poseidon – from reading the Percy Jackson series of books.

DSC_0378We also took a stroll to the Piazza Santa Maria Novella – it was being renovated last time I was in Florence so it was good to see it mostly finished now.  Many of these exhibits have an entrance fee so if you travel on a tight budget like we do it is best to choose the ones you desperately want to see and just view the others from outside where you can still appreciate the gorgeous architecture.

DSC_0322I snapped these pizza delivery bicycles in a hurry while we were tailing a tour group.  One of the things we have discovered on our travels is that if we want to find something quickly we just attach ourselves to the end of a tour group and they usually lead us in the right direction.  There are many many tour groups at all the major sights in Europe and by the time we got to Venice (our next stop) we had formed one of our own just for a bit of fun……


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