Bologna and Venice

DSC_0388We stopped into Bologna on our way to Venice to go to the Ducati museum.  This is as far as we got.  Apparently you need to make a reservation at least a week in advance to stand a chance of getting in there.  Who would have thought it would be so hard on a weekday?

DSC_0471So off to Venice we went.  Some people love Venice, some people don’t.  I could take it or leave it.  Admittedly we were only there for a day.  There are lots of places away from the main tourist area that looked like they would be interesting to explore if we had more time.

DSC_0464Some of the buildings have beautiful patinas from years of water damage.

DSC_0432Urs noticed something very interesting.  I was wearing a stripey shirt so could possibly pass for a gondalier…


Come on guys, I could get a boater hat…  Most of them didn’t look that happy anyway.

DSC_0404Nor did these ladies who grunted out “no free photos” at everyone passing by.  I think they could have at least smiled for their paying customers….

DSC_0443There is a lot of renovation work going on in the main piazza but the buildings are beautiful nonetheless.

DSC_0451Our main fun of the day was impersonating gondaliers and tour group leaders (most of the real ones had bright coloured umbrellas they were holding up in the air).  It was just one of those days when the pushing and shoving of the crowds made us all a little silly.

DSC_0407For me the most interesting part of Venice was watching the non-tourist boats go about their daily business of getting around town via water. I wondered what life must be like to live in a place that is constantly flooded with tourists.


2 thoughts on “Bologna and Venice

  1. Hi Jen, I was like you. Could take or leave Venice. I am green with envy. We stayed on Lake Guarda at Limona. I loved it there. Isn’t Italy wonderful? The pizzas! Yum. Love to you all. Sandra

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