DSC_0719We were out walking in the Eichberg area on the weekend.  The weather was incredible and after a long winter you appreciate the sun so much when it comes.

DSC_0720There is something lovely about Swiss cows and the gentle sound of the bells they wear.  These ones live in such a beautiful area.

DSC_0721A lot of people were out enjoying Spring on the weekend.  There is so much colour around as all the flowers and trees have suddenly bloomed.  I have started eating a spoonful of local honey every day to see if it helps with hayfever.  I’ve had a break from it over winter but it is back with a vengeance now there is so much pollen in the air.

DSC_0736A nice way to end a morning of walking is to sit on the terrace of a Swiss restaurant and enjoy the food and the stunning views.  One thing that is really different here is that when you want to pay the bill, the waitress comes to the table with a purse.  I am so used to it now that I almost forgot that this was different.  We were talking about how you become accustomed to things after a while on the weekend and it’s true that many things that felt really different the first time I came to Switzerland seem quite normal to me now.


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