Winter to Spring




The hairy stairs shall now be known as the pollen pathway…..


DSC_0742 The snow run is now the snail run – they are literally everywhere……


DSC_0741Our balcony garden.  For someone who comes from an area where snow is a mere dream, it is beyond belief at how quickly the plants sprang back to life at the end of such a long winter.  In the blink of an eye we went from bare trees and dead-looking grassy plants to a lush oasis full of colour.  And a thick blanket of pollen…. achoo…

In Winter it was dark early and stayed dark until after 8.30am.  I worried about how we would ever get up in time for school.

In Spring it is light early and stays light until 9pm.  Now the problem is getting to bed on time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Winter to Spring

    • They are still there but are now small green grassy shrubs. Someone came around at the end of winter and trimmed everything back. And everything sprang back to life.

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