DSC_0745Last week was a short one for school kids.  Apart from the fun of May Market, they also had the next three days off school (for a religious holiday).  We had friends over for dinner on one of those days.  Making dinner for a group when you have limited kitchen equipment and serving ware is a bit of a challenge, but we managed.

DSC_0748I had a lovely Mother’s Day – a delicious hot breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolates and lots of cuddles.  We had planned to go to a restaurant in the forest for lunch with Urs’ family but it was cold and rainy so we went to his parents house instead.

DSC_0750It is so lush and green in their village now.  We had a delicious meal for lunch and then spent the afternoon playing cards.


Swiss cards are not the same as the ones I am used to.  A suit does not contain a 2, 3, 4 or 5 card.  And they are not diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs.  Don’t even ask me to pronounce the names of the suits.


Here are the other three suits.  (I really should learn what they are…..).  Claudia can play a few Swiss card games but I have trouble concentrating on the game and the language at the same time 😦

DSC_0763So we played Uno.  Ha, even I can manage this game!


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