What has changed in 5 months?


  1. My junior blogger and I made it to the 100 blog post milestone.  Pretty good considering we both have short attention spans….
  2. We have travelled to four countries (soon to be five – oh did I mention we are going to Paris this weekend?  No? cue a big happy dance)
  3. A Swiss man has told me that even he cannot understand some Swiss dialects and has to talk to people from some regions in High German.  I feel so much better hearing this!
  4. Winter became Spring.  White became vibrant green and so many other colours.  Freezing became warm-ish.
  5. Hello hayfever.
  6. People have appeared out of nowhere.  In Winter I hardly saw anyone and had no idea there were quite a few children living near us.  Suddenly they are everywhere.  It’s been good to meet a few people and not feel quite so isolated.
  7. My understanding of High German has improved a lot.  I can mostly follow conversations (including on the radio and tv) when one person is talking at a time.  This greatly reduces in a group.
  8. Claudia has made friends with a girl whose grandparents live near us.  She is fluent in English as has been living in America for some time.  They talk non-stop. They scooter a lot.  I am happy for them both.
  9. If it can be cooked on a barbecue it will be with this nice weather.
  10. I feel like I have jetlag again.  I think it is the long days of light we are getting.  My body is obviously confused.

2 thoughts on “What has changed in 5 months?

  1. Congrats on the 100 posts! Your posts tend to pop up on my screen at work around the time i need a coffee break – always nice to be whisked away to the other side of the world for 5 minutes! Enjoy Paris!!

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