Fast train to Paris


We travel light.  These are our small onboard suitcases and we take them everywhere.  Even if we are going away for a week and yes even in Winter when you need all that extra clothing.  They are great because they have no outside pockets (can’t be too careful these days), no zips to fiddle with, and have combination locks (so I can’t lose the key :)).  Gone are the days of us trying to drag big suitcases up the steps of trains or having to check them in for short flights.  Grab and go.

I am packing today for our long weekend in Paris and telling myself that the rain I can see outside will be gone by tomorrow.  We are taking a high-speed train early in the morning and will be there before lunch-time (and yes that still feels very surreal to me).

Have a lovely weekend x


2 thoughts on “Fast train to Paris

  1. Are you trying to make us jeolous? You are having an amazing time. When does Urs work? Andrew was married last weekend.

    • Ha ha. Not at all. Urs works Monday to Friday and occasionally on the weekend. So we really aren’t out travelling all the time. Just trying to get as much in as we can while we are here. He has had two full weeks off work since we’ve been here and that was when we did the longer trips. Congratulations to Andrew! I can’t believe it!!

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